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picinfo Namespace Reference

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Detailed Description

main namespace

the picinfo namespace includes all identifiers of this library.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum TagType

enum that represent the types supported by EXIF. note that its values are continuous such that they can fit in a bitset

enum TypeMask

bitmask to indicates what type can a tag support.

Function Documentation

std::ostream& picinfo::operator<< std::ostream &  os,
const CExifEntry &  e

output a formatted string of the entry to the ostream "os". this function will translate the value of tag properly according to the type of the tag.

void picinfo::SetByteOrder int  new_order,
FwdIt  first,
FwdIt  last

ranged version of SetByteOrder(). it will call SetByteOrder() on all

void picinfo::SetByteOrder int  new_order,
T &  value

similar to SwapBytes(). the only difference is it modifies the argument by reference.

T picinfo::SwapBytes int  new_order,

swap the byte order of the value according to the value of "new_order". e.g. if the machine is little-endian and "new_order" is BIG_ENDIAN, the byte order of "value" will be swapped.

new_order new byte order. either LITTLE_ENDIAN or BIG_ENDIAN
value the original value in host byte order
the new value in byte-order specified by "new_order"
See also:

double picinfo::SwapBytes< double > int  ,
double  value

endianness doesn't affect doubles.

std::string picinfo::SwapBytes< std::string > int  ,
std::string  value

endianness doesn't affect ASCII strings

Variable Documentation

const TagDef canon_tags[]

Initial value:

    { 0x100,    ulong_mask|
                ushort_mask,    1,  1,  "Image Width",      "ImageWidth",       0, 0 },

const ValueMap compressions[]

Initial value:

    { 0,    "Uncompressed" },
    { 6,    "JPEG" },

const TagDef exif_tags[]

definition of the EXIF tags. the definition of TagDef structures in thi array MUST be sorted by tag values in order to be searched by binary search.

const TagSpace exif_tspace

Initial value:

    exif_tags, COUNT( exif_tags )
EXIF tag space.

const ValueMap resunit[]

Initial value:

    { 2,    "inches" },
    { 3,    "centimeters" },

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