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picinfo File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
src/ByteOrder.cppImplementation the byte-order related functions
src/ByteOrder.hpp [code]Declaration of the byte-order related functions
src/CanonTags.cppImplementation the CCanonTags class
src/cstdint.hpp [code]Definition the Ccstdint class
src/Error.hpp [code]Definition and implementation of the CError class
src/ExifEntry.hpp [code]Definition the CExifEntry class
src/ExifFile.cppImplementation the CExifFile class
src/ExifFile.hpp [code]Definition the CExifFile class
src/ExifTags.cppDefinition the CExifTags class
src/ExifTags.hpp [code]Definition the CExifTags class
src/ExifTypes.hpp [code]Definition the common types used in the whole project
src/IExifFile.cppImplementation the CIExifFile class
src/IExifFile.hpp [code]Definition the CIExifFile class
src/Rational.hpp [code]Definition the CRational class
src/StdioFile.cppImplementation the CStdioFile class
src/StdioFile.hpp [code]Definition the CStdioFile class
src/TagDef.cppImplementation the CTagDef class
src/TagDef.hpp [code]EXIF tag definitions
src/TagDef_.hpp [code]Definition the CTagDef_ class
src/TagSpace.cppImplementation the CTagSpace class
src/TagSpace.hpp [code]Definition the CTagSpace class
src/testpic.cppImplementation the Ctestpic class
src/Tiff.cppImplementation the CTiff class
src/Tiff.hpp [code]Definition the CTiff class

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