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CTagDef Class Reference

tag definition class More...

#include <TagDef.hpp>

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Detailed Description

tag definition class

this class is a class wrapper around the TagDef structure, which was designed to be a structure to ease initialization. this class provides easy-to-use functions to provide access to the tag definition data.

Member Data Documentation

const CTagDef::FormatFunc m_format_func [static, private]

Initial value:

    &CTagDef::Format<uint8_t, int>,
    &CTagDef::Format<uint16_t, uint16_t>,
    &CTagDef::Format<uint32_t, uint32_t>,
    &CTagDef::Format<Rational<uint32_t>, Rational<uint32_t> >,
    &CTagDef::Format<int8_t, int>,
    &CTagDef::Format<int16_t, int16_t>,
    &CTagDef::Format<int32_t, int32_t>,
    &CTagDef::Format<Rational<int32_t>,  Rational<int32_t> >,

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